When you first sync Fitbit to Lose It!, the Fitbit Calorie Burn Bonus section on the Log under Exercise will appear confirming the sync has completed. Steps do not show on the log for Fitbit, but they can be tracked via your Steps goal on the Goals tab of the app.

<aside> ✋ Example 1


Let’s say Harper wants to sync their Fitbit to Lose It!. After connecting Fitbit, they’ll see the Fitbit Calorie Burn Bonus section below on their Log.

Harper will see their Projected Burn, which is the number of calories burned that Harper's Fitbit reported at that time, combined with what the calories that Lose It! estimates you'll burn throughout the rest of the day. As the day progresses, Harper wears their Fitbit and burns calories throughout the day going through their normal daily routine such as walking to/from work, driving their car, going grocery shopping, cleaning their house, etc. They'll notice that their Projected Burn increases throughout the day.

The Target Burn is what Lose It! estimates Harper will burn on a daily basis. This is calculated using Harper's personal activity level. When Harper's Projected Burn exceeds the Target Burn, Harper will begin to earn a calorie bonus.

Later in the evening after Harper finishes their workday, they decide to go for a run for 30 minutes. They decide to log their running activity in the Lose It! app and notice the following:


The calorie burn from the running exercise is crossed off their Log, and they will later notice the phrase “1 workout included” under the Fitbit Calorie Bonus section.

By default, Lose It! assumes Harper is wearing their Fitbit while running and their Projected Burn is already including their running activity. To avoid double-counting the running activity, Lose It! will exclude the calories burned when the running activity is separately logged.

At the end of the day, the Projected Burn changes over to the Total Burn, which is the final number of total calories your Fitbit reported you burned that day.

<aside> ✋ Example 2



In this example in the screenshot above, we can see the Target Burn for this user is 2,345 calories, because the Fitbit uses your Total Calorie Burn (not Steps) to determine a bonus. This user did a 60 minute Baseball workout and burned 324 calories, and those are already included in that Total Burn of 2,369 calories. The user earned a credit of 24 calories, because that is the number of calories they have surpassed their Target Burn by.