When you first sync Steps from iPhone to Lose It! via Apple Health, the steps counter will appear on the Log under Exercise confirming the sync has completed.

For example, let’s say Sasha decides to auto-track her steps using Steps from iPhone via Apple Health. After syncing Lose It! with Apple Health, Sasha notices the steps counter on her Log under the Exercise section:


As the day progresses, Sasha carries her phone in her pocket and the built-in iPhone steps tracker records her steps and shares it with Lose It! via Apple Health. Later on in the day, she exceeds the steps that Lose It! estimates she takes daily and is given a calorie bonus.

Sasha decides to ride her stationary bicycle to burn some extra calories. She decides to log this workout. The calorie burn of 257 calories from the stationary bicycle workout is added to her calorie budget as extra calories.


Sasha has a calorie bonus of 18 calories because she exceeded her step goal and a total exercise credit of 275.